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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a first time attendee or a Takeover veteran please read this carefully before sending us an email. 90% of the questions we get every year can be answered by reading this first. Thanks!

#MetLifeTakeover FAQ

Get ready for the best away game weekend of your life! Lot's of things have changed this year so make sure you take a few minutes to read everything! Phins up! 

  • What is #MetLifeTakeover?

The #MetLifeTakeover is an annual group trip to MetLife Stadium when the Dolphins play the New York Jets organized by Dolfans NYC.

The 2024 #MetLifeTakeover actually takes place in 2025! The game takes place week 18 of the 2024 season. The Takeover consists of a massive group ticket purchase and a huge tailgate party before the game as well as a party at our bar Slattery's Midtown Pub the night before the game.

  • When is the game?

The game will be held on week 18 of the NFL season, but because of NFL flex scheduling it's unclear if the game will take place on January 4th or 5th. It could be held at either 1pm, 4pm or 8pm and we will not know until the week of the game so we have to be flexible with our plans. 

  • Will there be an official party the night before the game?

We will be doing a pre-party at Slattery's on Friday January 3rd at 7pm no matter when the game takes place. We will have a DJ, a huge raffle, merch sales and more. It's always a blast meeting everyone.

  • What is the Takeover like?

Check out videos from past Takeovers to see how much fun we have!

  • What is Dolfans NYC?

Dolfans NYC is a New York City-based Miami Dolphins fan club and a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are officially recognized by the Miami Dolphins and we happen to be the biggest Dolphins fan club on the planet. We were founded in 2009 NFL by Michelle Stark Kramers and Nate "Igor" Smith. Aside from organizing the #MetLifeTakeover we also throw weekly Dolphins watch parties at Slattery's Midtown Pub in Manhattan. Through our events and merch sales we have donated over $100,000 to charity. The Miami Dolphins awarded us the "Best Community Site" at their annual Web Weekend 5 years in a row and commemorated our 10th anniversary with a special presentation at our tailgate party.

Game Tickets

Ready to watch an away game with 1000 of your closest Dolfan friends? Even in the "cheap seats" there's no greater game day experience outside of Hard Rock Stadium.


  • How much are tickets?

$125 if purchased before September 10th and $150 after the the start of the regular season. Significantly lower than the current price on the secondary ticket market.


  • Where are my tickets?

Within two weeks of purchase you will receive a code to make your seat selection (See seat selection FAQ below). Please check your junk mail box if you haven't seen an email from us.


  • Will I receive printed tickets?

Gameday entry requires the tickets to be on your phone through the Jets Ticketmaster app. 


  • Where are the seats?

All tickets are in the upper deck. But trust us, being in the upper level with 1,000 Dolphins fans is much more fun than in the lower level surrounded by Jets fans.


  • What sections are you in?

We don’t reveal that until you purchase tickets from us. We want to encourage people buying with us and we don't want Jets fans to find out where we are sitting. 

  • I have a large group, is there a discount?

Yes! Please contact us for a group discount if you are bringing 20+ people. If you are a group we have worked with in the past and you don't quite have 20 people please reach out as well.

  • What happened to the “Total Package”?

In the past we offered a greater discount if you purchased a game ticket, tailgate ticket and bus ticket, but since we are no longer offering transportation we can no longer make the total package work. We also are selling tailgate tickets and game tickets seperately to help with accounting issues. It's much easier for us to separate tailgate and game tickets, sorry for the inconvenience!

Seat Selection

For the second year in a row we are excited to offer self-selection seating! Pick your own seats so you can plan with friends, grab an aisle row, etc. First come first serve.

  • How does it work?

Within 2 weeks of submitting your payment, you will be sent a unique access code and a link to the seating chart showing all available seats within our group. 


Once you open the link and input your access code, you'll be able to choose your seats. 


Prior to checking out, you'll be given the option to make your seats searchable - meaning that any friends or family purchasing seats after you can search to see where you are sitting and ultimately make a selection near you, if available. 

  • Can you hold seats for me? 

Sorry with the new seat selection system we cannot hold tickets for anyone. It is first come first serve, so the sooner you buy, the more options you will have as far as seat selection. 

  • How will my tickets be delivered?

Following check-out, your selected seats will be e-mailed to you and you can download them to your mobile device. 

If you run into any issues downloading your tickets, please e-mail and they will be able to help you. 


Game Day Tailgate

For years we hosted tailgates on our own but it just became too big for us to do ourselves. Ever since 2017 we have partnered with a company called Urban Tailgate and really took the Takeover to another level! This year we are no longer selling tickets, but they are available directly from Urbain Tailgate here!

  • Am I required to purchase the tailgate experience?

No. You are still welcome to BYO and party with us! Everyone is always welcome (even your Jets fan friend).


  • Can I purchase the tailgate experience on gameday?

Yes. But the price goes up to $150. Plan ahead and save $45 by ordering before the start of the regular season and using the code DOLFANSNYC. 

  • What food is available at the tailgate?

Previous menus have included: chicken scarpiello, chicken and eggplant parm, eggplant rollatini, sausage and peppers, penne a la vodka, penne pesto, slow-cooked BBQ pulled pork, mac and cheese, pasta salad, hot dogs, hamburgers (and veggie burgers), a variety of hot and cold appetizers, and much more! Check out out Tailgate food review video here!

  • What drinks are available at the tailgate?

We offer a full high end bar plus water, soft drinks and more. Big shout out to our yearly sponsor Sailor Jerry Rum!

  • Do I have to pay full price if I don't want to drink? What about my kids?

We offer a non-alcoholic option for $80 (using coupon DOLFANSNYC) and kids under 10 eat for free with an adult tailgate ticket purchase!


  • How long does the tailgate last?

The tailgate starts one hour after the gates open. We usually start wrapping things up about an hour before kickoff but we don't shut down completely until the game starts.


  • Where is the tailgate?

Lot L4, the charter bus lot. 


  • Can I come to the tailgate if I am taking other transportation to the game?

Yes! If you are driving, we recommend purchasing a GOLD parking pass. On gameday, park in Lot L, which is closest to the charter bus lot (L4). If you are coming by other means, just head to lot L4!


  • Are any special guests going to be at the tailgate?

We never know who is going to show up until game day but past tailgate guests include: Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, minority owner Fergie, CEO Tom Garfinkel, Dolphins legends Nat Moore, The Marks Brothers (Mark Clayton, Mark Duper), Sam Madison, Kim Bokamper, Jim “Crash” Jensen, Joe Rose, Shawn Wooden, Terry Kirby, O.J. McDuffie among others. Miami media figures have dropped by as well! HBO's Hard Knocks even filmed there!




We are not offering round trip transportation this year because of the NFL flex scheduling. We won't know the date or time of the game until a week before which is not enough time to plan busses. 


  • Can we still travel to the game with Dolphins fans?

Yes! We will have more details as we get closer to the game but the plan is to still meet at Slattery's before the game and then walk over to Penn Station to take the busses together. If you have mobility issues we will let people know roughly when we will be at Penn Station if you want to meet us there. 


  • How do I get to MetLife Stadium?

If you are not riding with us, options to drive, use a rideshare or take public transportation are available. The official MetLife Stadium website provides more information.


  • Where should I park?

We recommend pre-purchasing a GOLD pass to park in lot L (which is closest to our tailgate). We do not sell parking passes, you must buy them from Ticketmaster or another ticketing site.

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