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Dolfans NYC is a 501(c)3 non-profit. We have donated six figured to charity over the last 15 years and doing good while bringing people together is our primary mission. Win or lose it's better with friends and it always feels great to give back. 

How to donate?

The easiest way to donate is just to send money to our PayPal ( or Venmo (@DolfansNYC). If you would like a receipt for your donation, to make a larger donation/corporate donation, or to donate Miami Dolphins memorabilia for raffle prizes, please contact us

What do we do with your donations?

We use most of the money we raise to donate directly to other charities. We make large donations to the Miami Dolphins Foundation, Dolphins Cancer Challenge and the Jason Taylor Foundation every year. We donate to other player charities and also make donations throughout the year for seasonal events like Salute To Service month, Cancer Awareness month, etc. However, what we are most proud of are the donations to people when they need it the most. If disaster strikes we are able to donate to things like hurricane relief or wild fires, or even more importantly, if someone in our community needs help we are there to support them directly. 

Outside of direct charitable donations the rest of the money goes to raising more money via our fundraising events like the #MetLifeTakeover, buying merch to sell, raffle prizes etc.

We also spend some money on "marketing" like our video team that documents the Takeover, occasional social media advertising and of course this website you are looking at right now.

The two founders (and only employees) of Dolfans NYC take a small amount of money at the end of each season that amounts to pennies an hour but that money comes directly from our cut of the bar sales at Slattery's Midtown Pub. No donations, raffles or merch sales go to pay our founders

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